Pawnshops, jewelry stores and trade facilities

The security of the jewelry store should include round-the-clock physical security; professionals in their field should not lose sight of even the most insignificant elements. An experienced employee of the security company will be able to immediately identify the future offender and take the necessary measures to prevent the crime, while the latter will look closely at the object of the robbery, identifying its weaknesses. Usually, at least two employees are used to successfully guard a large jewelry store.

Specialists of security companies pay great attention to doors and windows. Lattices and sensors are installed on the windows, which respond to any vibrations near the windows. Usually, a system is placed near the door that prevents unpaid jewelry from being carried. Security displays are placed on display cases and safes. To prevent or complicate the possession of jewelry, shop windows are equipped with safety glass.

Protection of jewelry stores requires a large arsenal of various technical means, alarms, so the emergency response team should be ready at any time to arrive at the crime scene and do everything necessary so that the staff, customers and assortment of the store do not suffer.

Protective armored structures for equipping jewelry stores and pawnshops:

In addition, in the absence of physical security, we propose the installation of vestibule gateways for exiting the client area, preventing attackers from hiding with stolen property. Management of electromagnetic door locks can be done by employees of the institution. Tambour locks can be made in translucent execution, with bulletproof or burglarproof glass.

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